Project partners

Chair of Industrial Ecology and Technological Change at the University of Ulm - Prof. Dr. Michael Hiete


With a background in management science as well as environmental sciences and geosciences Prof. Hiete has 10 years experience in research in the field of techno-economic and environmental assessment. For several years he secured together with CITEPA, Paris, the technical secretariat of the UNECE Expert Group EGTEI and the associated stakeholderprocess on performance and costs of air pollution control techniqes. In addition, he has obtained experience in the development and analysis of indicatorsystems to identify best practices and the development of a test and verification system for environmental technologies. 

Chair of Sustainable Management at the University of Hohenheim -
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hahn
Prof. Dr. Hahn has extensive research experience in the field of stakeholder integration regarding standardization processes focusing on corporate responsibility and sustainability. He was able to show that the multi-stakeholder process for the development of ISO 26000 ("Guidance on Social Responsibility") shows a high degree of legitimacy. Furthermore, he discussed the general applicability of standards concerning the codifying of social responsibility and he illustrated its implementation in strategic management. Relevant for the project are also his insights on corporate responsibility in developing countries, CSR and Sustainability Reporting and his current activities for assessing corporate sustainability performance.

Chair of Supply Chain Management at the University of Kassel
Prof. Dr. Stefan Seuring

Prof. Dr. Seuring has been working for 15 years on green and sustainable supply chains. His research focused on the importance of environmental and social standards for the establishment of minimum standards in supply chains as well as the need for the integration of stakeholders. Furthermore aspects of "De-Commodisation" have been elaborated in the course of research projects on organic-cotton chains and procurement of low-value goods. Relevant is also his work on stakeholder processes in cooperation with industry associations, the critical role of stakeholders in the supply chain and stakeholder integration in the design of supply chain related labels. 

Chair of Corporate Finance at the University of Kassel
Prof. Dr. Christian Klein

Prof. Dr. Klein is one of the few German researchers in the area of "Sustainable Finance". One research focus lies in the motivation of investors with long-term approach. Thus for instance for the success of the project, the findings from Klein et al. (2013) are relevant: Transparency is a determining factor in the decision of an investor, a sustainable investment (not) to make. In return for this he is ready to renounce in sustainable investments in any one part of the return. Also noteworthy are the results of Hofmann & Klein (2013): The risk-adjusted success of an investment is not adversely affected by a sustainable approach to investing as a rule. 

Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)
Dr. Gudrun Franken

Gudrun Franken has over 10 years of working experience in the field of mining and sustainable development and her unit at BGR “mining and sustainability” advises government as well as industry and the public on issues related to responsible mining and sourcing of minerals. Especially supporting partners in developing countries in the framework of technical cooperation with regards to sustainability issues such as implementing international standards on health, safety and environment in mining is a major task. Since 2006, a thematic priority is the certification in mineral supply chains to increase transparency and production standards. BGR started to support mineral certification through the pilot project on Certified Trading Chains (CTC), a voluntary certification scheme to foster traceability, transparency, and ethical production standards targeting high value metals such as tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold. The CTC concept is nowadays applied in Rwanda and DR Congo.

Beak Consultants GmbH, Dr. Andreas Barth, Dr. Frank Schmidt and Enrico Kallmeier

Beak Consultants GmbH, founded 1994 in Freiberg/Saxony, is an interdisciplinary service company in the fields of geosciences and mineral resources, geo-information systems, cartography and innovative database development.  Current and completed projects by Beak Consultants in the field of mining services and extractive industries include activities in Germany and world-wide with a focus on Africa, Asia and South America.

Department of Sustainable Management at the University of Kassel- Fabian Krause

Mr. Fabian Krause is working for the department of Sustainable Management.

Chair of Industrial Ecology and Technological Change at the University of Kassel - Rasmus Tröster


Mr. Rasmus Tröster is working for the department of Industrial Ecology and Technological Change.

Chair of Supply Chain Management at the University of Kassel- Philipp Sauer


Mr. Philipp Sauer is working for the department of Supply Chain Management.