Research process

Starting point of the project are experiences made in other areas, for example the standards and initiatives of wood, fish, electrical energy or construction materials, as well as the field of mineral resources (e.g. FairMined, Fair Stone).

These and other options need revision and evaluation from the perspective of stakeholder groups. Due to the different properties of mineral resources, limits play a key role, e.g. if the extraction of resources is concentrated in a few countries or if the resources are extracted by few companies only. A multi-stakeholder process will be initiated to improve consent, legitimacy, and acceptance of the draft. The final results are sought to be used as a contribution to the discussion on the certification of raw materials at EU-level. Evaluation of several resources will be carried out to ensure practical relevance.

Key-Questions considered are the following:
Which standards and initaitives are nowadays used for resources in general and mineral resources in particular to foster market transparency in terms of sustainability and how can they be characterized?

How do standards and their initiatives have to be structured to
•   have a high stakeholder acceptance?
•   show constant leverage for sustainable development?
•   be practicable for a number of mineral resources (if necessary with some adoptions)?
•   be cost efficient during the implementation in the supply chain?
•   have negligible negative consequences for artisanal and small scale mining or the society?

Which requirements but also chances result from the perspective of
•   complex supply chains using these resources?
•   sustainable investments in these resources?
How is the project structured?

The research project comprises 8 work packages.

•   WP1 State-of-the-art and networking

•   WP2 Stakeholder process

•   WP3 Environmental and social aspects

•   WP4 Requirements withinsupply chains

•   WP5 Sustainable finance context

•   WP6 Development of a model system and a blueprint for practical realization

•   WP7 Recommendations and dissemination

•   WP8 Project management